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120 cells 440W, 445W, 450W, 455W Solar Panel

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  1. ♦ 120 pcs of 182mm 9bb half cells , moderate size and power, perfect replace 166mm 450W half cut solar panel
  2. ♦ Maximum power reaches 455W, effectively increase the power output & the rate of return on investment.
  3. ♦ MBB half cut solar cells, 6 cells strings in parallel connection, outstanding low-light generation and the shadow performance.
  4. ♦ White KPF backsheet, excellent insulation and anti-aging ability, guarantee panel long lifespan.
  5. ♦ Optimal module size and power, matches all kinds of projects and environment installation.
  6. ♦ Front side in high transmission and rear side in high UV cut EVA film encapsulated,effectively prevent stream penetration in its lifespan.
  7. ♦ 12 years quality & workmanship warranty, 25 years linear power output guarantee.
  8. ♦ Outstanding  high salt & mist, sand & dust, ammonia harsh environmental durability.
  9. ♦ TUV Rheinland IEC & CE standard approved.