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120 cells 590W, 595W, 600W, 605W, 610W Bifacial Solar Panel

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  1. ♦ Adopt latest 210mm 12BB half cut bifacial solar cells, upto 23.1% cells efficiency and highest 20% rear side generation.
  2. ♦ Bifacial solar panel with maximum 605W rated power output, super high performance ability. Suitable for ground mounting or flat roof inclined installing projects.
  3. ♦ Squared cells without corner, increase cells generating area, outstanding glass side appearance .
  4. ♦ Effectively reducing projects LCOE cost and labor cost, shorten the period of return of investment.
  5. ♦ 35mm frame with middle profile on backside, improve panel mechanical performance, guarantee the snowload ability.
  6. ♦ High container loading capacity, less shipping cost.
  7. ♦ -40℃- 85℃ working temperature, outstanding durable ability in sands, water field, high temperature,high humidity and alpine harsh environment.
  8. ♦ TUV Rheinland IEC ,CE & INMETRO approved.