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505 (1)
132 cells 490W, 495W, 500W, 505W Solar Panel

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  1. ♦ New standard 2m X 1m module size with rated 500W maximum power output, simple and easy for project designing and calculating.
  2. ♦ Twin half cut solar panel layout, 132 cells in 22 pcs of cells in series connection strings, 6 strings in parallel connection.
  3. ♦ First class BOM material encapsulated, 100% auto production line assembled to guarantee the consistency of all the processing.
  4. ♦ Lower current & working temperature, less hot spot and heating, more safer and reduce possibility burnt.
  5. ♦ Standard industrial module size, compatible with other brands, easy for replacement and maintenance.
  6. ♦ New T5 1.3mm thickness aluminum alloy, better mechanical performance and anti-oxidation ability.
  7. ♦ Customized transparent backsheet in bificial panel is available.
  8. ♦ Anti-PID backsheet, salt-mist, and ammonia resistance passed, 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load approved.
  9. ♦ TUV Rheinland IEC ,CE & INMETRO approved.