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132 cells 650W, 655W, 660W, 665W, 670W Solar Panel

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  1. ♦ The peak power panel of solar panel industry, up to 670W rated power, super size and efficiency, best choice for ultra power plant installing.
  2. ♦ Future mainstream solar panel, single face encapsulated, stable super performance to guarantee power plant’s generation.
  3. ♦ 12bb big size cells, half cut welding and 12 strings layout, twin panels in parallel connection, more higher power output & better shadow performance.
  4. ♦ Split small junction boxes with 3 chip diodes in 20A fuse rate, IP68 protection with potting silica for heating emission.
  5. ♦ 1500Vdc system voltage, more panels in one string brings less cable & structure, effectively reduce projects construction cost.
  6. ♦ 1.3mm thickness aluminum frame plus middle profile on backside, strong mechanical durability, passed 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load.
  7. ♦ 0~+5W power output, low power degradation and 30 years long lifespan.
  8. ♦ 12 years quality warranty and 25 years linear power output guarantee.
  9. ♦ TUV Rheinland IEC , CE & INMETRO approved.