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144 cells 440W, 445W, 450W, 455W Half Cut Solar Panel

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44_37Product advantages

  1. ♦ 166mm 9bb half cut cells, 144pcs in 6 cells string connection, up to 450W rated power, stable performance and high output.
  2. ♦ High quality EVA film, glass side in high transmission and backside with high UV cut off function, goods encapsulation for 25 years.
  3. ♦ Top brand white KPF backsheet with fluorine coat, transparent backsheet is available.
  4. ♦ 400mm output cable length, can be in customized length. MC4 compatible connectors, Staubil original connector is optional.
  5. ♦ Low current and less hot spot, lower operation temperature, stable & maximum output operation.
  6. ♦ Excellent anti-PID,salt & mist, sand & dust durability,suitable for harsh environment power station.
  7. ♦ 2 X 1m module, most favourable size & weight for residential rooftop system & commercial projects.
  8. ♦ 0~+5W power output guarantee, 1st year power degradation≦2%, 2nd year to 25th year power degradation≦0.6%.

44_37Product parameters

Solar Cell Type Glass Back Sheet Frame Junction Box No. of Diodes Output Cable Connector Wind/Snow Load
166×63mm 3.2mm templed, high transimission ART coating White KPF Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy IP68 3pcs 4.0mm2 400/400mm (custmized available) MC4 Compable (MC4 Original oponal) 2400pa/5400pa
Nominal Operating Cell Temp(NOCT) Temperature Coefficientof ISC Temperature Coefficient of VOC Temperature Coefficient of Pmax Operational Temperature Maximum System Voltage Maximum Series Fuse Rating
44±2℃ 0.060%℃ -0.30%℃ -0.39%℃ -40~85℃ 1500V DC(IEC) 20A