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144 cells 540W, 545W, 550W, 555W Bifacial Solar Panel

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♦ 9BB 166mm mono PERC high efficiency half cells, strong current collecting ability and less resistance.
♦ Auto production line assembled, uniform process, double testing, EL, flash testing and appearance checking, 100% A grade quality.
♦ Top brands white/black KPF backsheet with fluorine coat, excellent anti aging and oxidation ability.
♦ 3.2mm templed glass, high transmission and embossed face design to increase light reflection on cells, increase power generation;
♦ 30mm frame, less weight and increase container loading quantity, reduce shipping cost.
♦ High module efficiency reaches 20.27%, maximum power reaches 375W, low degradation rate.
♦ 6 cells strings in parallel connection, lower current and panel heating, outstanding low-light generation and the shadow performance.
♦ Small size and low panel weight, the optimal panel for residential rooftop system.
♦ TUV Rheinland IEC & CE standard approved.

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144 cells 440W,445W,450W,455W half cut solar panel
144 cells 440W,445W,450W,455W half