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144 cells 540W, 545W, 550W, 555W Solar Panel

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  1. ♦ The most popular solar panel in market , high power with high efficiency, best solar panel for ground mounting power plant.
  2. ♦ Up to 550W rated power output, effectively reduce the LCOE cost and increase power generation & the rate of return on investment.
  3. ♦ Outstanding module size, best big size module for container loading and long distance shipping, and labor handling and installing.
  4. ♦ Adopt highest efficiency 182mm half cut solar cells, high power & high yield.
  5. ♦ 1500Vdc system voltage, more panels can be connected in one string, effectively reduce PV cable and number of inverters.
  6. ♦ Favourable working current, compatible for main inverters.
  7. ♦ Standard industry module size, compatible with other brands modules, more economic for  changing and maintenance.
  8. ♦ Outstanding harsh environmental durability and anti-aging ability, 25 years high yield generation.
  9. ♦ TUV Rheinland IEC ,CE & INMETRO approved.