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HHE Series-10000W-Hybrid Inverter System 2
HHE Series - 10000W - Hybrid Inverter System

HHE Series - 10000W - Hybrid Inverter System

● Dual CPU single chip intelligent control technology, microcomputer control, humanised design
● Output high-quality pure sine wave AC power, with strong load capacity, a wide application range
● With perfect protection function, greatly improve product reliability
● Adopt CPU centralized control and SMT technology
● Stable operation, low distortion, no noise, no pollution, strong resistance to load impact, simple operation, long life
● Panel menu LCD/LED display working status
● Three-stage charging function with battery type selection (optional)
● Battery over voltage, under voltage protection
● State grid automatic conversion (optional)
● It can automatically resume working after the under-voltage or over-voltage change to normal,
● High conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power, and low load loss
● It can achieve the connection of the generator and external battery


HHE Series-10000W-Hybrid Inverter System


  • Minimum input voltage DC:96V
  • Input type electric voltage AC:380V
  • Maximum discharge current: 136A


  • Rated power: 10000W
  • Output current: 15A×3
  • Output rated voltage AC: 380V±5%
  • Output waveform: pure sine wave
  • Inverter efficiency: ≥85%
  • Protection function: battery voltage protection. Utility over voltage protection, side amp overload over voltage over-temperature, short-circuit protection, automatic recovery after the normal voltage of the over-tension treasure king work


  • Size (mm): 400/700/740
  • Weight (kg): 125