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Hi-MO 7

LONGi's high-efficiency PV modules are widely used all over the world, from alpine grasslands to desert wastelands, and from ponds and vegetable beds to household dwellings. LONGi's ultra-high-value PV module products continue to benefit customers and local economy with its advantages of "higher power, lower degradation and higher reliability".


Core Advantages

Reliable upgrade, leading warranty

With the optimization of high-quality silicon wafers, cells, and module packaging design, Hi-MO 7 offers a linear power warranty with an annual degradation rate of up to 0.4%.

Significant improvement in power generation performance

Due to its higher bifacial ratio of approximately 80%, superior power temperature coefficient of -0.28%/℃, Compared to mainstream bifacial module currently available on the market, it can achieve a power generation gain of up to 3%.

BOS cost savings

Compared to mainstream products, Hi-MO 7 offers a power increase of approximately 4.5%, which can result in increased installation capacity and overall savings on brackets, inverters, cables, land, and AC side equipment per watt.

Operation and Maintenance cost savings

The improved efficiency of Hi-MO 7 effectively reduces the cost of equipment, module cleaning, land rental, maintenance, etc.