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Frame 63
Vertex S 395W

120 Cell



Power Output Range


Maximum Efficiency


Positive Power Tolerance

A new standard for residential modules.
Modules have a sleek, all-black appearance created by dedicated cell blackening treatment, thin wires, and machine selection.
Industry-leading warranty for peace of mind.
Includes Trina Protect, a bundled 25-year product and 25-year power warranty for residential modules in the US with no strings attached. In addition to Trina’s global reputation for reliability and durability, TrinaProtect gives homeowners and installers added protection and total peace of mind.
Value and versatility for installers.
The smaller footprint of Vertex S modules allows installers to fit more on a roof space than standard smaller-cell modules, boosting rooftop power potential. Along with the smaller size, lighter product weight and universal BOS compatibility makes installation faster and easier. Download our eBook to learn more about how Vertex S sets the new standard for residential solar.